Todd Pressman, PhD – Radical Joy

Todd Pressman

Todd Pressman

Todd Pressman, PhD, a Licensed Psychologist, is internationally renowned for his work with A Course in Miracles and Transpersonal Breathwork. He has authored dozens of articles and is a frequent radio and television guest.His clinical background is rooted in conventional psychodynamic training and complemented by a rich variety of holistic psychotherapies.

Through a broad range of training programs and world travel, Dr. Pressman has been in contact with many of the leaders in consciousness exploration, including Jack Kornfield, Jean Houston, Sogyal Rinpoche and others. He has traveled the world studying the great Wisdom and healing traditions, and integrated them into a new approach to psycho-spiritual therapy, called “Radical Joy.”

His latest book, Radical Joy: Awakening your Potential for True Fulfillment, has the potential to radically transform your life and take you to the farthest reaches of your journey to fulfillment. His work presents strategies for revealing the blocks to this fulfillment, and how to design the life of your highest ideals.

His working model is based on Michelangelo’s ideal, to release the statue from the stone, the high Spiritual Self from the overlays of imposed identity, into the discovery of true Freedom, Joy and Fulfillment. When you see the profound impact of your soul’s expression in the world….herein lies the secret to Radical Joy! To find out more about Todd’s work, contact him at (609) 616-9200